oh god this blog is so embarrassing but it has really good memories, so im just leaving it here.  so yeah this blog isnt active anymore but if you got any questions or idk send it to my main. questions asking ME not shwoo or woo aha.  good times though, good times

main is here 



sho uh you guysh can ashk queshtionsh you dont have to hesitate…

i dont like ashking for them either…

maybe ashk me to dresh up ash shomething or shomeone?

even if i dont know who the character ish i can jusht go look them up dont be afraid guysh ashhhhkk meeeeee

hey i know that yesh and teh are really annoying but that ish my accent sho dont be all ew thish shk blog shaysh yesh and teh grossh, im working on trying to shay “the” sho you can all jusht shuck it up k


did everyone move to another sherver???

everything ish gone in mineval….

and no one ish ever on…

doot doot doot….

i’m really boredddddddddddddddd

you guysh can tell me what to dresh up ash or shomething, im over at woo’sh housh so she can put the coshtume together and i can dresh up…

because reasons.

hey, i was the person who asked. i was bored. so then this happened.



[Zero]: Well I’ve always wanted to go to a beach… feel the sand in my toes and watch the waves… it makes me feel at peace…

[Moonshine]: Is there a biome made of cookies? I wanna go there please zero can we go please please please please please please please

[Zero]: *slams head on table*